Wacker-Neuson 28Z3 Service Manual Track Excavator


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Factory Service Manual For Wacker-Neuson Track Excavator. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

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Issued: december 2011
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Wacker-Neuson Track Excavator


Notices On This Service Manual
Identification Of Warnings And Dangers
Designated Use And Exemption From Liability
Type Labels And Component Numbers
Machine Overview
Cab Overview
Cab (Legend)
Instrument Panel Overview
Instrument Panel Legend
Overview Of Open Engine And Valve Compartment
Engine Compartment: Overview
Chassis Overview
Valve Compartment
Stop And Park The Machine
Hydraulic System
Undercarriage And Swivel Unit
Stabiliser Blade
Electrical System
Noise Levels
Coolant Compound Table
Model-Specific Tightening Torques
General Tightening Torques
Dimensions Model 28Z3
Dimensions Model 28Z3 VDS
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 (Short Stick)
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 Long Stick (Option)
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 Short Stick And Extra Weight (Option)
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 Long Stick (Option) And Extra Weight (Option)
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 VDS (Short Stick)
Lift Capacity Table 28Z3 Long Stick VDS (Option)
Fluids And Lubricants
Maintenance Label
Maintenance Plan (Overview)
Service Package
Safety-Relevant Parts
Fuel System
Engine Lubrication System
Engine And Hydraulics Cooling System
Air Filter
Change Cab Air Filter
Pressure Check
Test Report
Hydraulic System
Pilot Valve
Traveling Drive
Maintenance Of Attachments
Lubrication Points
Overview Of Lubrication Points
Electrical System
General Maintenance Work
Preparatory Work Before Taking Out Of Service
Maintenance If The Machine Is Out Of Service For A Longer Period Of Time
Fire Extinguisher
3TNV76-NNS Engine Overview
Fuel System
Cooling System
Checking And Adjusting Valve Clearance
Tightening Order For Cylinder Head Bolts
Checking The Injection Nozzles
Checking The Nozzle IET
Injection Time
Removing And Installing The Injection Pump
Measuring And Adjusting The Engine Speed
Checking The Coolant Thermostat
Checking The Thermal Switch
Oil Pressure Switch
Checking The Coolant Circuit
Cleaning The Cooling Water Channels
Coolant And Fuel Hoses
Crankcase Vent
Replacing The Glow Plugs
Engine Trouble
Hydraulic Pump PVD-0B-23BP-8G3-5083A
Main Valve Block
Drive Counterbalancing System
Regeneration – Stick Section
Bucket Pre-Tension
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate Adjustment
Traveling Drive
Swivel Unit
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint VDS (Option)
Pilot Valves
Changeover Valve For SAE/ISO Controls (Option)
Proportional Valve (Option)
Changeover Valve VDS (Option)
3/2 Directional Valve (Option)
Easy Lock Valve (Option)
Hydraulic Oil Tank Service Valve (Option)
Breather Filter
Auxiliary Hydraulics Connections
Troubleshooting In The Hydraulic System
Hydraulics Diagram (Legend)
Hydraulics Diagram 28Z3
Hydraulics Diagram For Options 28Z3
Main Valve Block Diagram 28Z3
Ohm’s Law (Current, Voltage, Resistance); Power
Measuring Equipment, Measuring Methods
Cable Color Coding
Electric Units
Fuse Box
Switches: Overview
Cigarette Lighter
Radio And Mounting/Wiring For Radio Installation (Option)
Front Working Light
Cab Lights (Option)
Rotating Beacon (Option)
Driving Signal (Option)
Wiring Diagram (Legend)
Wiring Diagram
Engine/Chassis Wiring Harness (Legend)
Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness
Cab Wiring Harness
Proportional Controls Wiring Harness (Option)
Engine Speed Control Wiring Harness (Option)
Driving Signal Wiring Harness (Option)
Hydraulic Quickhitch Wiring Harness (Option)
Battery Lead
Long Stick
Automatic Engine Speed Setting
Grab Pipework
3Rd Control Circuit/Powertilt Ports
Safe Load Indicator
Hose Burst Valve Safety Feature
Mechanical Quickhitch
Hydraulic Quickhitch (Easy Lock)
3Rd Control Circuit
Drive Interlock (Antitheft Protection)
Proportional Controls
Engine Oil Service Valve
General Instructions
Separating The Bucket Or Equipment From The Powertilt Swivel Device
Separating The Powertilt Swivel Device From The Machine
Exploded Views PTS06
Assembly Drawing
Removing The Standard Journal Coupling
Removing The End Cap, Securing Ring And Internal Decompression Valve
Removing The Shaft
Removing The Piston Tube Body
Removing The Seals (Kit A), Shaft Bearings And Pressure Discs (Kit B)
Checking Components And Dead Centr Marks
Trial Assembly
Installing The Seals (Kit A), Shaft Bearings And Pressure Discs (Kit B)
Installing The Piston Tube
Installing The Shaft
Installing The End Cap And The Securing Ring
Installing The Internal Decompression Valve
Installing The Standard Journal Coupling
Lubrication And Tests
Securing The Powertilt Swivel Device On The Machine
Fitting A Bucket Or Equipment Onto The Powertilt Swivel Device
Adjusting The Play On The Powertilt

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