Fiat 55-65 70-65 60-65 80-65 Workshop Manual Tractors 06910093 PDF


Instant Download PDF Workshop Manual for Fiat Tractors models, offering 262 pages of detailed instructions in English. This comprehensive manual covers general information, specifications, engine details, power train, undercarriage, hydraulic lift unit, and electrical system, complete with wiring and hydraulic diagrams.


This is a comprehensive service manual for Fiat tractors models 55-65, 70-65, 60-65, 80-65, 465C, 665C, 565C, and 765C. It provides detailed information, specifications, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for repair and maintenance of the tractors. The 262-page manual covers the engine, power train, undercarriage, hydraulic lift unit, electrical system and more. It includes sections on troubleshooting, disassembly, inspection, servicing and assembly of various components. The manual is an essential resource for mechanics, owners and operators of these Fiat tractor models. It is available as an instant PDF download in English that can be printed in full or by individual pages.


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Language: English
Pages: 262
Pub. Number: 06910093
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Concise summary of the key sections in the table of contents:

  1. General Instructions and Safety Precautions
  2. Specifications
    • Identification Data, Weights, Engine, Power Train, Undercarriage, Hydraulic Lift, Dimensions, Capacities
  3. Engine
    • Specifications, Description, Performance, Removal/Installation, Components (Block, Head, Valve Gear, Crank Gear, Fuel/Lubrication/Cooling Systems)
  4. Power Train
    • Specifications, Clutch, Transmission, Bevel Drive, Steering Clutches, Brakes, Final Drives, PTO
  5. Undercarriage
    • Specifications, Track Chains, Tension Mechanism, Rollers, Frames, Suspension
  6. Hydraulic Lift Unit
    • Specifications, Lift, Pump, Implement Carrier, Remote Valves, Troubleshooting
  7. Electrical System
    • Specifications, Charging, Starter, Battery, Instruments, Fuses, Lighting, Wiring

The content covers service procedures like removal, installation, disassembly, inspection, and assembly for the major tractor systems and components. Torque specifications and schematics are also included.

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