Fiat 55-75 60-75 70-75 80-75 Workshop Manual Tractors 06910094 PDF


Downloadable PDF Service Manual for Fiat Tractors, providing extensive guidance on maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. It includes detailed sections on engine block, valve gear, lubrication system, cooling system, master clutch, transmission, brakes, final drives, and the hydraulic lift unit, enhanced with searchable text and diagrams.


Factory Workshop Manual in PDF format for Fiat. Contains detailed illustrations, instructions, and diagrams, step-by-step process for removal and installation, disassembly and assembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, and tuneups.


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Language: English
Pages: 344
Pub. Number: 06910094
Wiring Diagrams
Hydraulic Diagrams


Fiat Tractors
Fiat 55-75, Fiat 70-75, Fiat 60-75, Fiat 80-75, Fiat 55-65, Fiat 70-65, Fiat 60-65, Fiat 80-65, Fiat 465C, Fiat 665C, Fiat 565C, Fiat 765C



  • General Instructions
  • Safety Precautions


  • Identification Data
  • Weights – Engine
  • Power Train – Undercarriage – Suspensions – Hydraulic Lift – Towing Attachments – Body – Electrical System
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Fluid Capacities
  • Torque Data


  • Specifications and Data: Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Crank Gear, Valve Gear, Lubrication System, Cooling System, Fuel System
  • Description – Performance Data – Removal – Installation
  • Engine Block – Cylinder Head: Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Head
  • Valve Gear: Camshaft, Valves, Guides, Springs, Tappets, Pushrods, Rockers, Valve Timing Gear Train
  • Crank Gear: Crankshaft, Main and Connecting Rod Bearings and Caps, Pistons and Rings, Connecting Rods, Flywheel, Dynamic Balancer
  • Fuel System: Removal, Installation, and Timing of Injection Pumps (Bosch “VE”, CAV “DPS”)
  • Lubrication System: Diagrams, Oil Pump, Oil Filter, Low Oil Pressure Indicator System
  • Cooling System: Diagram, Description, Water Pump, Radiator, Belt Tension Adjustment, Water Temperature Gauge, Thermostat

Power Train

  • Specifications and Data
  • Master Clutch: Removal, Installation, Servicing, Adjustment (PTO Clutch, Master Clutch, Master Clutch Hand Lever)
  • Transmission and Splitter: Removal, Installation, Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly
  • Creeper – Mechanical Reverser: Description, Servicing, Removal, Installation, Disassembly
  • Bevel Drive: Removal, Installation, Adjustments
  • Steering Clutches: Servicing, Adjustments
  • Brakes: Servicing, Adjustments
  • Final Drives: Description, Removal, Installation, Disassembly, Servicing, Assembly
  • Power Take-Off: Removal, Installation, Disassembly, Servicing, Assembly


  • Specifications and Data
  • Track Chains: Front Idler, Roller and Track Shoe Details, Disassembly and Assembly, Removal and Installation, Link Replacement
  • Track Tension Mechanism: Removal, Installation, Tension Adjustment
  • Front Idler – Track and Carrier Rollers: Servicing and Adjustment, Installation, Lubrication
  • Track Frames and Suspensions: Removal, Inspection, Installation, Adjustment, and Alignment

Hydraulic Lift Unit

  • Specifications and Data
  • Lift: Description, Removal, Disassembly, Assembly, Adjustment, Valve Checks, Operation
  • Hydraulic Pump: Servicing, Output Test, Oil Filter
  • Implement Carrier: Description and Illustrations
  • Remote Control Valves: Description, Operation, Schematics, Disassembly, Servicing, Assembly, Adjustments

Electrical System

  • Specifications and Data: Charging System, Starters (Marelli, Lucas, Bosch), Battery, Fuses, Starting Switch, Lighting Switch, Turn Signal Switch, Lighting Equipment, Signals, Accessories
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Wiring Diagrams

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