Fiat 115-90 130-90 Turbo 140-90 Turbo 160-90 Turbo 180-90 Turbo Workshop Manual Tractor 603.54.252.00 PDF


Downloadable PDF Service Manual for Fiat Tractors, providing extensive guidance on maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. It includes detailed sections on the engine block, valve gear, lubrication system, cooling system, fuel system, power shift transmission, creeper, reverser, brakes, final drives, and the hydraulic lift unit, enhanced with diagrams and schematic representations.


Discover how to efficiently maintain and repair your Fiat tractor with this detailed workshop manual. It provides step-by-step instructions on dismantling and assembling various components. Secondly, it offers troubleshooting advice for common issues. You’ll find comprehensive diagrams and illustrations that clarify complex procedures. This manual is indispensable for ensuring your tractor operates at peak performance, aiding in everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs.
After your purchase, you will receive a PDF manual. You will be redirected to a download page and will also receive a confirmation email containing the download link. You have the option to print the manual either by individual pages or the entire document.


  • PDF Format (Instant Download): Easily accessible and portable.
  • Language: English, ensuring clear and concise instructions.
  • Pages: 507, comprehensive coverage of all aspects.
  • Publication Number: 603.54.252.01, guarantees official and specific guidelines.
  • Bookmarks: Quickly navigate to sections of interest.
  • Searchable Text: Find information swiftly without manual scanning.
  • Wiring Diagrams: Detailed visuals for electrical repairs.
  • Hydraulic Diagrams: Essential for understanding fluid power systems.


Fiat Tractor
115-90, 130-90 Turbo, 140-90 Turbo, 160-90 Turbo, 180-90 Turbo


General instructions, Safety precautions

Identification data, Weights, Engine, Power Train, Brakes, Steering, Front axle, Front wheel drive, Rear wheels, Power take-off, Lift, Towing attachments, Ballasting, Body, Electrical system, Lighting, Instrument and accessories, Tire sizes, Main dimensions, Power train schematics, Capacities

Specifications and Data, Description, Performance Data, Removal, Installation, Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Valve Gear, Crankgear, Fuel System, Lubrication System, Cooling System

Specifications and Data, Removal and Installation, Master Clutch, Transmission and Splitter, Power Shift Transmission, Creeper, Bevel Drive and Differential, Brakes, Final Drives, Power Take-Off

Specifications and Data, Front Axle, Power Steering

Specifications and Data, Live Front Axle, Drive Shafts, Axle Drive

Specifications and Data, Lift, Lift Pump, Implement Attachment, Remote Control Valves

Specifications and Data, Charging System, Battery, Lighting, Signals, Accessories, Starters, Fuses, Switches, Control and Instruments, Wiring Diagram, Data Monitor Panel


Why This Manual Is Crucial for Operators and Mechanics

Firstly, this Fiat Factory Workshop Manual is vital for operators and mechanics because it serves as a comprehensive resource for effectively managing and troubleshooting Fiat tractors. Secondly, it equips you with the necessary knowledge of maintenance procedures that prevent downtime and costly repairs. Furthermore, understanding the intricacies of your machine enhances safety and efficiency on the job. Therefore, having this manual at your disposal ensures that you can respond promptly and accurately to any mechanical challenges that arise.


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