Fiat 55-90 60-90 70-90 80-90-90-90 100-90 Workshop Manual Tractor 60354241 PDF


Downloadable PDF Service Manual for Fiat Tractors, providing extensive guidance on maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. It includes detailed sections on engine block, valve gear, lubrication system, cooling system, clutches, transmission, brakes, final drives, and the hydraulic lift unit, enhanced with searchable text and diagrams.

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Factory Workshop Manual in PDF format for Fiat. Contains detailed illustrations, instructions, and diagrams, step-by-step processes for removal and installation, disassembly and assembly, service, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, and tune-ups.


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Language: English
Pages: 377
Wiring Diagrams
Hydraulic Diagrams


Fiat Tractor

55-90, 60-90, 70-90, 80-90, 90-90, 100-90


  • General
    – General Instructions
    – Safety Precautions
  • Specification
    – Identification Data – Weights
    – Engine
    – Power Train (Brakes, Steering, Front Axle, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheels, Power Take-Off)
    – Hydraulic Lift, Towing Attachments, Ballasting, Body
    – Electrical System (Lighting, Instruments, Accessories, Tyre Sizes)
    – Main Dimensions, Power Train Schematics, Capacities
  • Engine
    – Specification and Data (Block, Head, Crank/Valve Gear, Lubrication, Cooling, Fuel System, Torque Data, Fasteners)
    – Description, Performance, Removal, Installation
    – Components (Block, Head, Valve Gear, Crankgear, Fuel System, Lubrication, Cooling)
  • Power Train
    – Specification and Data (Clutches, Transmission, Splitter, Creeper, Reverser, Bevel Drive, Differential, Brakes, Final Drives, PTO)
    – Removal, Installation, Overhaul of Components
    – Operation (Brakes, PTO)
  • Front Axle, Steering, Front Wheel Drive
    – Specification and Data
    – Power Steering, Front Axle Overhaul
    – Live Front Axle, Drive Shafts, Axle Drive
  • Hydraulic Lift Unit
    – Specification and Data (Lift, Pump, Implement Attachment, Remote Valves)
    – Lift Overhaul and Adjustments
    – Pump, Implement Attachment, Remote Valves Operation and Service
  • Electrical System
    – Specification and Data (Charging, Starting, Battery, Fuses, Lighting, Switches, Controls)
    – Wiring Diagrams
  • Service Tools


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