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The Factory Service Manual for the combine. Includes detailed illustrations, instructions, and diagrams that facilitate step-by-step processes for the removal and installation, assembly and disassembly, servicing, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups.

Pub.No: 84125963
Language: English
Pages: 2021
Wiring Diagrams
Hydraulic Diagrams

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Case Combine


Standard Torque Specifications
Fluid and Lubricants
Engine Removal and Installation
Engine Components and Fuel System
Combine Ground Points
Main Valve Assembly Solenoid Functions
Diode Module Locations
Cranking and Power Distribution Circuit
Charging Circuit
Power Distribution System
Feedback Module
Fuel Pump
Ether Start
Windshield Wipers
Right Post Instrumentation Center
Instrumentation “A” Post Changes
Grain Scan Monitor
Shaft Speed Monitor
Digital Tachometer
Header Height Display
Instrument Panel and Warning Lights
Warning Lights
Radio Circuit
Auxiliary Power Circuit
Air Seat
Park Brake Circuit
Dead Engine and/or No Hydraulic Pressure Park Brake Release
Cleaning Fan Speed Circuit
Rotor Speed Motor Circuit
Concave Adjustment Circuit
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System (1999 and earlier)
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System (2000 and later)
Lighter, Horn and Dome Lights
Service Lights, Beacon and Back Lighting
Power Guide Axle and Variable Propulsion Motor
Header Operation
Reel Operation
Diagnostics – Instrumentation and Header Controller
Feeder and Separator Clutch Controls
Feeder Reverser Controls
Header Tilt (Field Tracker)
Reel Control Circuit
Unloader Control Circuit
Lighting Circuit
Wiring Schematics and Troubleshooting, P.I.N. Prior to HAJ0295001
Wiring Schematics and Troubleshooting, P.I.N. HAJ0295001 and After
Neutral Start Switch
Battery Servicing and Testing
Steering Hand Pump
Steering Cylinder
Steering Axle – all except Power Guide
Steering Axle – Power Guide
Steering Priority Valve
Hydrostatic Operation
Hydrostatic Drive System Troubleshooting
Hydrostatic Drive System Testing
Foot-N-Inch Valve
Hydraulic Drive Pump Removal and Installation
Hydrostatic Drive Pump
Hydrostatic Drive Motor – Single Speed
Hydrostatic Drive Motor – Two Speed
Transmission and Hydrostatic Drive Motor
Transmission Service
Final Drives – Removal and Overhaul
Final Drives – Removal and Adjusting
PTO – How It Works
PTO Removal and Installation
Servicing the PTO Housing
Brake Assemblies – Removal and Overhaul
Master Brake Valve
European Park Brake
Hydraulics, How It Works
Hydraulic Feeder Reverser Drive
Hydraulic Schematic and Troubleshooting
Pressure Regulator Valve
Auxiliary Gear Pump and PFC Pump
Hydraulic Valve Stack
Park Brake and Feeder Clutch Valves
Separator Clutch Valves
Separator Drive Test and Troubleshooting
Rotary Air Screen and Power-Clean Evacuation System
Hydraulic Cylinders
Reel Drive Control Valve
Reel Drive Motor
Air Conditioning Troubleshooting
Air Conditioning System Service – System R-134a
Air Conditioning System and Compressor
Air Conditioning Components
Auto Greasing System
Separator Drive Jackshaft
Rotor Drive
Rotor Gearbox
Rotor Drive Belt
Feeder and Cleaning Fan Gearbox
Cleaning Fan Drive
Elevator Drive Jackshaft
Inclined Delivery Auger
Discharge Beater
Straw Spreader Drive
Header Knife Drive
Tailing Monitor
Unloader Auger System
Field Tracker
Cross-Flow Fan
Straw Chopper Gearbox
Adjustable Concaves


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