Bobcat TS24T TS24M TS24C TS28T TS28M TS28C TS32T TS32M TS32C TS36T TS36M TS36C TS44 TS44C Convertible And Bobcat Only Service Manual Tree Spade


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Factory Service Manual For Bobcat Tree Spade. Manual Contains Illustrations, Instructions, Diagrams For Step By Step Remove And Install, Assembly And Disassembly, Service, Inspection, Repair, Troubleshooting, Tune-Ups.

Format: PDF
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Pages: 106
Issued: may 2010
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Bobcat Tree Spade
TS24T Convertible
S/N A9SK00101 & Above
TS24T (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9U200101 & Above
TS24M Convertible
S/N A9SN00101 & Above
TS24M (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9U500101 & Above
TS24C Convertible
S/N A9UW00101 & Above
TS24C (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9VC00101 & Above
TS28T Convertible
S/N A8WG00101 & Above
TS28T (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9U800101 & Above
TS28M Convertible
S/N A9RT00101 & Above
TS28M (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UB00101 & Above
TS28C Convertible
S/N A9V000101 & Above
TS28C (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9VE00101 & Above
TS32T Convertible
S/N A9TS00101 & Above
TS32T (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UE00101 & Above
TS32M Convertible
S/N A9TV00101 & Above
TS32M (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UH00101 & Above
TS32C Convertible
S/N A9V300101 & Above
TS32C (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9VG00101 & Above
TS36T Convertible
S/N A9SA00101 & Above
TS36T (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UL00101 & Above
TS36M Convertible
S/N A9TZ00101 & Above
TS36M (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UP00101 & Above
TS36C Convertible
S/N A9V600101 & Above
TS36C (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9VJ00101 & Above
TS44 Convertible
S/N A9SG00101 & Above
TS44 (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9UT00101 & Above
TS44C Convertible
S/N A9V900101 & Above
TS44C (Bobcat Only)
S/N A9VL00101 & Above


Serial Number Location
Delivery Report
Attachment Identification
Lubricating The Attachment
Regular Maintenance Items
Attachment Storage And Return To Service
Control Valve – Main
Control Valve – Convertible
Hydraulic Cylinder – Gate
Hydraulic Cylinder – Tower
Tree Spade Specifications
Hydraulic Schematic
Electrical Schematic
Hydraulic Connection Specifications
Torque Specifications For Bolts

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