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Factory Parts Catalog and Equipment Components For Bobcat T180 Turbo Skid Steer Loader. Detailed Illustrations and Parts Lists.

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Bobcat T180 Turbo

S/N 5242 11001 And Above
S/N 5275 11001 And Above
S/N 5276 11001 And Above


Maintenance Items
Maintenance Schedule Items
Main Frame
Operator Cab
Seat & Seat Bar
Rear Door
Lift Arms & Bobtach
Fuel System
Drive Train
Track Tensioner
Front Idler
Rear Idler
Track Roller
Hydraulic Circuitry
Manual Lift Release System
Auxiliary Hydraulics
Tilt Cylinder
Lift Cylinder
Control Pedals
Hydraulic Control Valve
Bics Control Valve
Manual Lift Release Valve
High Flow Hydraulics
Hydrostatic Circuitry
Hand Controls
Hydrostatic Motor
Hydrostatic Pump
Gear Pump
Hydrostatic Oil Filters Inline Filter
Cab Electrical Circuitry
Engine Electrical Circuitry
Controls Electrical
Cooling System
Engines Attaching Parts
Cooling Fan Drive Assy
Engines Gasket Kits (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Gearcase (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Oil Cooler (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Crankcase (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Rocker Arm Cover (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Valve Rocker Arm (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Cylinder Head (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Oil Pan (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Piston & Crankshaft (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Fuel Camshaft (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Camshaft (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Water Pump (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Water Flange & Thermostat (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Manifolds (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Turbo Charger (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Oil Pipe (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Engine Stop Lever (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Governor (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Speed Control Plate (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Boost Compensator (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Injection Pump (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Injector Nozzles (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Injector Holder (Kubota – V2003Tmdi)
Engine & Gasket Kits (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Gearcase (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Oil Cooler (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Crankcase (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Rocker Arm Cover (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Valve Rocker Arm (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Cylinder Head (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Oil Pan (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Piston & Crankshaft (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Fuel Camshaft (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Camshaft (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Water Pump (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Water Flange & Thermostat (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Manifolds (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Turbo Charger (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Oil Pipe (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Engine Stop Lever (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Governor (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Speed Control Plate (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Boost Compensator (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Injection Pump (Kubota – V24003Tmdi)
Injector Nozzles (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Injector Holder (Kubota – V2403Tmdi)
Air Cleaner
Acs Conversion Kit
Access Cover
Accessories Harness
Back-Up Alarm
Block Heater
Bob-Tach Levers
Bucket Positioning Valve Kit
Bucket Positioning Valve
Cab Door
Cab Enclosure
Cab Windows
Counterweight Kit
Deluxe Cab
Dual Battery Kit
Dual Dampener Kit
Electrical Controls Kit
Engine Mount Kit
European Accessories
Fire Extinguisher
F.O.P.S. Kit
Flasher Lights
Front Auxiliary
Gas Spring Kit
Hand Control Kit
Heater & A/C
Horn Kit
Lift Lit
Light Kit
Muffler/Purifier Kit
Power Bob-Tach Kit
Power Bob-Tach
Radiator Screen Kit
Rear Auxiliary
Rear Auxiliary Valve
Rear Door Lock
Rear Wiper
Seat Belt
Sound Reduction Hardhat
Strobe Light
Bulk Items
Numerical Index

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