Bobcat 974 975 Service Manual Skid Steer Loader


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Repair Manual For Bobcat 974 975 Skid Steer Loader. Illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-up.

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Issued: november 1985
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Bobcat Skid Steer Loader


Air Cleaner, detailed tuneup
Air Cleaner, service
Air Intake & Exhaust, tune up
Axle, assembly
Axle Housing, disassembly of
Axle Housing, installation of
Axle Housing, removal of
Axle and Sprocket Splines, to check
Balancer Shafts
Basic Engine, tuneup
Battery, installation of
Bearing Plate, installation of
Brass Bearing Plate, removal of
Cab & Skid Plate, to clean
Charge Pump, installation
Charge Pump, removal
Charge Pressure, to check
Check Valve
Clutch, adjustment of
Clutch, assembly of
Clutch, free travel
Clutch, inspection of
Clutch, removal of
Clutch, service
Compression Test
Control Assembly, installation of
Control Assembly, removal of
Control Lever Lock
Control Link, attaching to swash plate
Control Valve Assembly, removal of
Control Valve Bank, removal of
Control Valve, disassembly of
Control Valve, service
Cooling System
Cooling System, service
Cooling System (Specifications)
Cooling System, tune up
Crankcase, vent tube, tuneup
Crankshaft, end play
Crankshaft & Flywheel Inspection
Crankshaft Gears, front inspection of
Crankshaft Journals, inspection of
Crankshaft & Main Bearing (Clearance)
Crankshaft, Main Bearings, Flywheel (Torques)
Crankshaft Oil Seal, rear inspection of
Cylinder Block, assembly of
Cylinder Block Assembling Into Housing
Cylinder Block, Liners, Pistons, Rods (Clearance)
Cylinder Block, removal of
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head & Valves
Cylinder Head, Valves, Camshaft (Clearances)
Cylinder Head & Valves, installation of
Cylinder Liners
Cylinder Liner, deglazing
Cylinder Liners, installation of
Cylinder Liners, replacement of
Directional Control Adjustment
Drive Chain, removal of
Drive Shaft, end p la y
Drive Shaft, installation of
Drive Shaft, removal of
Electrical Circuitry
Electrical System, tune up
Emergency Moving
Enclosure Removal & Installation Of
Enclosure Tilt Control Service
End Cap, installation of
End Cap, removal of
Engine Breakin, after overhaul
Engine Clearances
Engine Maintenance
Engine Oil Check
Engine Oil Cooler Repairs
Engine Oil Filters
Engine Oil Specifications
Engine, removal of
Engine Serial Number
Engine Testing, preliminary
Engine Torques
Engine, tuneup
Exhaust Smoke Diagnosis Chart
Fan Belt, adjustment of
Final Drive Chain, adjustment of
Final Drive Chain, installation of
Final Drive Chain, removal of
Final Drive Idler, repair of
Flywheel Housing, inspection of
Front Cover & Gasket, installation of
Front Cover, removal of
Front Plate & Timing Gear Cover
Fuel Filters
Fuel Filters, replacement of
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump (Specifications)
Fuel Injection Nozzles
Fuel Pump
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Systems,
Fuel Systems, diesel
Fuel Systems, inspection & cleaning of
Fuel Systems, removing air
Fuel Systems (Torques)
Fuel Systems, tuneup
Fuel Systems, to vent
Fuel Tank, removal of
Gearcase Removal of
Gear Backlash
Gear Timing, to check
Gear Train Timing,
Generator, disassembly of
Generator, inspection of
Generator Output Check
Generator, removal of
Grill, removal of
Hydraulic Controls
Hydraulic Cylinder Check
Hydraulic Cylinder, inspection of
Hydraulic Filter Service
Hydraulic Fluid, checking, adding, replacing
Hydraulic Fluid Filters
Hydraulic Fluid, to drain
Hydraulic System, basic principle of operation
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System Service
Hydraulic Pump, assembly of
Hydraulic Pump, to check
Hydraulic Pump, disassembly of
Hydraulic Pump, installation of
Hydraulic Pump, removal of
Hydraulic System Leak Checks
Hydraulic Reservoir, removal of
Hydraulic Reservoir, removing water or hydraulic fluid
Hydraulic Testing
Hydrostatic Charge Pump
Hydrostatic Motor, assembly of
Hydrostatic Motor or Pump, disassembly of
Hydrostatic Motor, installation of
Hydrostatic Motor, parts inspection
Hydrostatic Motor, removal of
Hydrostatic Pump, assembly procedure
Hydrostatic Pump, removal of
Hydrostatic System
Idler Gear
Lift Arms, installation of
Lift Arms, pivot pin replacement
Lift Arms, removal of
Lift Cylinder, to service
Loader Serial Number
Loader Specifications
Loader Torques
Lubrication, machine
Lubrication System,
Lubrication System (Specifications)
Lubrication System TuneUp
Main Bearing, inspection of
Manifold Block, removal of
Manifold Block, installation of
Mechanical Transmission
Mesh Filter Screen
Motor Manifold Block
Motor Manifold Valve Check
Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler ByPass Valves
Oil Cooler, installation of
Oil Cooler, removal of
Oil Pump, repair of
Operator Enclosure
Operator Enclosure, to tilt
Operator Enclosure, removal and installation
Piston Pins
Piston Rings & Ring Groove
Piston & Slipper Retainer, removal of
Pivot Bushing, replacement of
Pre Delivery, inspection of
Problem Analysis Charts, electrical
Pump and Motor Control, adjustment of
Rear Bearing, installation of
Rear Bearing, removal of
Rear Door and Engine Cover
Reduction Gearcase
Reduction Gearcase, assembly of
Reduction Gearcase, disassembly of
Reduction Gearcase, installation of
Reduction Gearcase, removal of
Rocker Arm Assembly
Serial Number Identification
Service Intervals
Service Schedule
Servo Pistons, assembly of
Servo Piston Assemblies, attaching to swashplate
Servo Sleeve & Servo Piston Removal
Servo Sleeves, installation of
Shaft Seal, installation of
Side Panel (Fender), removal of
Skid Plate
Slipper Retainer Guide, removal of
Spring Guide, installation of
Spring Guide, removal of
Starter, assembly of
Starter, disassembly and inspection of
Starter, removal of
Swashplate and Trunnion, installation
Swashplate and Trunnion Removal
Swashplate, to set neutral position
Ten Micron Filter
Thirty Hour Inspection
Thrust Plate, installation of
Thrust Plate, removal of
Tilt Control Service
Tilt Cylinder Service
Timing Gear Assembly (Clearance)
Tire Maintenance
Tire Replacement
Tire Rotation
Torque Specifications
Transfer Case, assembly and inspection of
Transfer Case, disassembly of
Transfer Case, removal of
Transfer Case, to service
Transporting, by truck or trailer
Transporting Bobcat
Troubleshooting, hydraulic system
Troubleshooting, hydrostatic system
TuneUp Procedure
TuneUp Procedure, detailed
Valve Clearance, to adjust
Valve Clearance, to check
Valve Guides
Valve Plate, placing on end plate
Valve Plate, removal of
Valve Rotators
Valve Springs
Valve Train
Subject Page Subject Page
Water Manifold & Thermostat, repair
Water Pump, repair
Wheel Nuts, to tighten
Wiring, to check
Wiring Harness

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